Rob Jarvis receiving the Horton Smith Award Tony Decker receiving the Professional of the year award! Chris Twombly receiving the Teacher of the year Award! Doug Van Wickler receiving the Bill Strausbaugh Award! Brian Bickford receiving the Merchandiser of the year award Public course Jason Hurd Receiving the Patriot Award From Left to Right Doug Van Wickler, Chris Twombly, Jason Hurd, Tony Decker, Brian Bickford, Rob Jarvis

Event Highlights: Bangor Municipal Pro-Am

Wednesday, June 14th

What a trip that was this week, the views, the golf, and the company were nothing short of spectacular! Every year we host the Southern Swing which is home to some of the finer courses in the state. After making the trip this week, I see an extraordinary opportunity to start an annual “Down East Swing”. It may involve some driving, however I don’t believe anyone who participates would mind driving the distance required in order to play two spectacular golf courses in Kebo Valley and Bangor Municipal. Peiter DeVos and Rob Jarvis were phenomenal hosts and treated all the participants as though they were their own members so thank you gentlemen!


Event Highlights: Kebo Valley Pro-Am

Tuesday, June 13th

What a treat it was, my first experience of Bar Harbor was tremendous, despite being a native of Maine it was somehow the first time I ventured up to the area. Typically a three hour drive boars me, however the last hour of the drive after exiting 395 was filled with spectacular views. Kebo Valley held its own out there presenting us with a very difficult golf course today. With it being my first time on property I looked and said wow there doesn’t seem to be that much trouble off the tee how can it be as much a challenge as it’s made out to be? As I made my rounds visiting groups and watching some play, I quickly learned the greens out there are a new monster we don’t see often in the Maine. You really need to be careful where you miss otherwise you can kiss your up and down opportunity practically goodbye! Even though some guys didn’t play as well as they wanted to none of them were down about their experience. Playing Kebo today was a treat for all the participants as well as for myself just taking in the history of the course, and the splendid shape it was in!


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Jason Hurd, PGA
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Augusta Country Club